Case Studies

A small privately-owned Business Park
The previous security company to this location was a national company. It started having staffing issues, resulting in shifts often not starting on time. On occasions, the client had to wait on site for 2 hours for an untrained replacement officer to arrive.

We tendered for the contract and were awarded it. We have been able to lower the cost of security, whilst being able to provide a better service by both increasing security cover and ensuring that trained officers are always on duty.
A Multi-National Distribution Company Bonded Warehouse
After successfully providing this company with a security service for a couple of years at a local bonded warehouse, we were asked if we would take over security at one of their warehouses in the Midlands. The previous security company had been a national company with a regional office nearby. The client felt that the service being offered was inadequate for a bonded warehouse.

Once we were awarded the contract, we were able to apply our port expertise and methodologies, to ensure that the bonded warehouse was provided with a similar premium service to that of the ports we service.

Security at the bonded warehouse has increased and the client is delighted with the service provided.

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